A Return to Independence – Seaforth Long Term Care Supports a Resident’s Journey Home

When an individual’s needs dictate that he/she should enter a long-term care home, it need not always be a one-way trip to a home that is not the one they have enjoyed for many years.

When a new resident, Jim, was transferred from hospital to Seaforth Long Term Care Home in May 2018, his life expectancy was considered “limited”. Jim was unable to walk independently and needed staff to assist him with all transfers.

Jim was determined to not only improve his ability but to also return to his home of many years.

With that goal in mind, the staff at Seaforth Long Term Care Home worked with Jim and the home physiotherapist to develop a care protocol to help Jim walk again. Within a week of admission, Jim started physiotherapy and exercise sessions.  Employing the state-of-the art technology of the Neurogym sit-to stand trainer and regular exercise classes under the supervision of the physiotherapist, a regime was employed to strengthen his legs.

Within a month, Jim started nursing rehabilitation. Using a high walker, one care staff member to assist Jim and another care staff member to follow him with his wheelchair in case he needed a break, Jim quickly progressed in his recovery. After three weeks, Jim was walking well with only one staff member supervising and walking beside him.

To continue his journey to independence, Seaforth Long Term Care Home staff reached out to an adaptive aids provider to bring in a walker with an attachment that would make Jim’s walker higher. With an adaptive walker, Jim quickly graduated to walking independently. After only two months in rehab and physiotherapy, Jim was walking and transferring independently.

Jim started using his walker to go to meals instead of sitting in his power wheelchair. He was able to transfer himself into his dining room chair for all meals and walked around Seaforth Long-Term Care home independently.

Jim achieved his goal and returned home on the 9th of November.

At Southbridge Care Homes, our mission is to Bridge lives together with meaning and purpose. We do this by providing best in class service through innovation and excellence. Our philosophy for our resident care is LIVE, namely, Live life to the fullest, Implement change through innovation, Value freedom of choice and Exceed expectations.   It is this philosophy that enables our homes to provide the care and support necessary to not only sustain a person’s life but to work with that individual to maximize their potential for living life to the fullest as they define it.

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