Bridging Boxing Dreams – Southbridge’s The Palace makes resident’s pugilistic wish come true

Bob MacIntosh has always wanted to take it a boxing match, but as a busy dairy farmer, he never had the chance to go. He thought the closest he would ever come was watching one on television.

But thanks to Bridge to Dreams, a resident-centred program implemented at Southbridge Care Homes’ The Palace Long-Term Care Home in Alexandria, Bob had a chance to make his dream come true.

On February 23, Bob attended a boxing match where pugilist Tony Luis won his eighth match against Juan Jose Martinez.  Luis won after eight rounds.  According to Bob, “The match got a little rough at times, but the Judges were very fair.”

Bob had his picture taken with Luis before the match. That night and all the next day, Bob talked about his night out and what a wonderful time he had.

Bridge to Dreams is a resident-centered initiative developed by Southbridge Care Homes in partnership with the homes it operates. The program encourages seniors to rekindle their passions and encourages them to celebrate life to the fullest.

“The Bridge to Dreams program is a purposeful way for us to honour our residents in meaningful ways, and together with the direct support of staff, we were able to do just that,” remarked Southbridge Chief Executive Officer Ryan Bell.

The Palace is home to 70 long-term care residents in Alexandria, Ontario.

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